Often times, It goes beyond the physical in Finding the cause of Our problems…

Most set backs we face are not from the devil.
most times we bring it upon ourselves.
Are you sure you are not the course of that close door? are u sure the devil is not innocent of that which you accuse him of?.
The worse predicament a man can go through in life is to be held captive bY HIM SELF; because if one is being held by some one else, then the hope of redemption persist.
Stop praying death for that old and horible looking woman that refuse replying to your greetings all through your stay the last time you visited the village. You cud be the reason you found your self where you are; do you go into a prayer session just because you hit your toe on a wierd looking stone instead of taking fist aid treatment. Think about your self, and figure out your problem with the help and guidiance of the bible.
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