This is a Sneak Peek into my New Fictional Weekly Series “MY RACE” to begin on Sunday 2nd March 2014.

Voice: Before i was born, my people lived in peace of mind?

“Little boy runs past, Screaming…” LIMDOLES!!!

…cont: No,
“He’s shot from behind; falls into the stream and dies

…cont: We lived in fear of the límdóles; god soldiers from the Silv Realm, reducing our race One by…

“arrows aiming, swords slashing and Zedex screaming in pain”

…cont: One.

Zedex: What is this place?
Limdole: “In a very harsh tone” Doles! and no more questions you weakling “gives zedex a hard wipe of his gold whip on the chest”…

Zedex: How long have you been here?
Girl: 70 years
Zedex: Weird… I’ll sleep all night
Girl: There’s no night in doles… You’ll work even harder in you dreams.
Zedex: “looking suprised and speechless, he looks side ways and looks back at her” “chuckles” Ok… Have a good… Day “climbs bunk” where are the leafs? …

Please, Dont Miss it for Anything.


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