For my Dear Country, that which i was born to be part of, that which fate has bestowed upon me, that which i must call home, i but hope…

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where ethnicity and religion will be no barrier to socializing.

I in fact HOPE for a NIGERIA where we’d do away with the title Islam and Christianity, embrace Love and Worship God; for the worse thing that has happened to NIGERIA is religion.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where the 1st, 2nd & 3rd agenda of the government in power will be EDUCATION, EDUCATION & EDUCATION, for it is the Bedrock of any nation.

HOPE for a NIGERIA where we will have Leaders that has the welfare of its followers at heart, & not Rulers that pretend to care.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where an Elected person after an election, will speak to his/her people from the heart, & not from an already prepared script like a Broadcaster.

I Hope for a NIGERIA where godfatherism will hold no water, & people will be selected base on merit.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where figures in all sector will be classified in NAIRA based on our Currency & not Dollars; its really annoying, personally it pisses me off all the time.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where by Persons guilty of Corruption, irrespective of their status, will in less than 1week Investigated, tried in a Court of law & by an Uninfluenced Judgement, if found guilty Sent to Jail for a really long time.

I Hope for a NIGERIA where Power supply will be constant, where the youths get creative and unemployment reduced to the barest minimum.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where our Resources will be properly Utilized & and its Outcome used in Developing our country & her Citizens.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where Democracy rules & not disguised plutocracy.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where her Citizens would see things the way it is & Tackle it in diverse method but in Unity.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA Bonded in Love, Peace & Unity. One that would Uphold Her Honour & Glory far above all other Nations! Far above the Birds of the Sky!! Far to the very floor of Gods feet.

I but HOPE for a Better NIGERIA, I but HOPE for that GIANT that’s Worth its Name,

I but HOPE for a Brighter, Better & Blossom Nigeria.

I but Hope…

… I but HOPE. God Bless My Father Land, GOD BLESS NIGERIA!



ZE’DEX: Human like creatures with down curved ears

ZE’DEX B’DES: all seven(7) regions of ze’dex

LIMDOLÉS: Silv Realm soldiers, fiercely dressed in gold amours and sword like gods with whips.

DEMILÉS: God and ruler of the
realm and limdolés.

LIM: Commander of the limdolés, answers only to Demilés.

DOLÉS DEAD: The people killed by Limdolés.

SILV REALM: The place of dolés dead.

LINE KILLER: Limdolés assigned to end a particular BloodLine.

Episode: 01

“A top view is seen, seven regions of the colony is on sight looking very tiny from above, like a map, one of the regions is seen in proper view”

“Kids running and playing, women knitting and sewing localy, animals grazing; while some men are sharpening sticks. All people are both Black and White and a happy moment is on view.”

Voice: Before i was born, my people lived in peace of mind? No. But with each other; for we lived in fear of the Limdolés, god Soldiers from the Silv Realm; reducing our race one by one in large number. Without being able to fight back, for our bows, arrows, stones and spears were like hitting Rocks with water in an attempt to smash it. All we could do was run for our dear lifes.

“Intruding the happy moment are the Limdolés; Killings… With arrows aiming, sword slashing and ze’dex screaming in pain; scene ends with man being pierced by arrow from behind.”

Voice cont: But you know, there is one Unique thing about us the ze’dex which differenciates us from the Humans of the outside world… The way we are born.

“a pregnant woman goes on Labour while trying to hide from the chaos, a few women runs towards her, takes her into a more bushy part with gaint leafs, and makes a cover for delivery.”
“Woman gives Birth to a big egg, she raps the egg with her body under the leaf cover for some seconds; there’s a bright blue light shine, visibly from her body to the egg; the egg hatches.”

Voice cont: We are given birth to in eggs and hatch after a great connection from our mothers to their unborn child.

“While voice cont., ze’dex carries baby from the cracked open egg shell, fastens grip of the baby, kisses his forehead; mother stands up, searches for a particular leaf, chews it and uses chewed leaf to clean the babies body, woman comes in hurriedly with straw weaved basket, offers to the mother and runs away.”
“Mother puts Baby into the basket after Breast feeding; while droping baby, there are exclamations every where”
“Mother carries basket and runs out of hiding place; after running out of area , she stumbles after hitting her toe on a rock, basket slips off and falls on a water, floats ina particular direction under some large leafs, mother immediately stands in attempt to find her baby; terribly injured, a loud cry is heard as arrow pierces her from behind. Voice faints in dark”

Voice: You know only the Ze’dex existed in our part of the world before we were joined by Humans; Over a thousand times has different types of people try to take away Our Lands, Women, Children and Our Pride in the name of colonization; but we never held back our defence…

“while voice cont., Ze’dex and Humans fighting in a serious war, bombing every where, arrows, spears and sharp stones all flying in the air aiming at humans in a very thick part of the forest. THIS HAPPENS SHOWING SEVERAL FIGHTS WITH DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.”

Voice conts: and at every time, we always ended up victorious.

“Ze’dex celebrating victory, shouting and jumping from tree’s, beating carved sticks and dancing Wildly”

Voice conts: But something pretty silly did happen; for the first time in 20thousands years of our existence and fighting so called colonizers in our later years, a few captured humans from our last war did succeeded in teaching us english language; but it was all they could do, as our traditions and way of life was too hard to crack and for the first time, history was made as they were allowed by our king to live amogst us as brothers, under a condition of never making atempt to return to their country.

“Captured humans are seen gesticulating as they taught the ze’dex English Language; a few words are heard, then soft slow music while scene continues.”

Voice conts: …But that was a long time ago, my Grandmama told me the story.
“Boy is seen thinking aloud”
Voice conts: My name is Zíbá and here i am as always, before the very stream i was found in;
“Looking into a clean weird stream, several swimming creatures, tiny in size and a straw in his hand”

Voice conts: …living in fear of what will happen next.

“Voice stops. Finaly, Play in proper.”

“He stands up after hearing a sound, a little boy runs past him, he looks at the boy indifferently and turns, group of Ze’dex and humans runs his way Screaming…” LIMDOLÉS!!! He immediately tries to run, but is shot in the chest, he falls into the stream and dies.

“a plane Silver sand desert and under a warm breeze and mild sun, Ziba wakes up feeling dizzy along side over (4000) four thousand Ze’dex and Humans all stark naked.”

Zíbá: What is this place?
Limdolé: “In a very harsh tone” Doles! and no more questions you weakling “gives zedex a hard wipe of his gold whip on the chest”
“Zíbá Faints”

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