Since I was born, I’ve always heard that salvation is free; well i beg to differ, it is infact the most expensive thing mankind’s ever faced.



“They say nothing good comes easy, and salvation is the best thing to ever happen to man, you dont expect it to be free do you?”
  -Etido david

You infact dont earn it, it is being offered to you for sale, and you either turn it down or buy it with the only money it is worth, you soul. This means giving up the old you, and everything you stood for in the past, habits, some loved ones, your time and all to follow a new path; a path of righteousness,  in which history doesn’t have as one of its favorite. This my dear ain’t cheap, because you paid millions of price to get to where you are. So next time someone tells you salvation is free, tell em’ no, it is not.




I‘ve always heard, Love endures all; well i beg to differ, love infact endures nothing, it takes the loved persons mistakes and negativity as a regular attribute, and thus finds them unoffensive.

“Love kills, it makes you feel kinda worthless; like you are gonna die without that person, but hate?… hate gives you a reason to survive; it tells you all you gotta do is stay alive if you realy wanna see that person out of the way forever.”
  -Etido david.

“Love must be true; anything other than true love, aint love at all”
  -Etido david.

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