•Downed & Downer• #GangingCurses

  Life should be about thinking positively even when the negatives are inevitable, but then it’s good to know that life does have happy endings for a larger amount of earths inhabitants. But there are no happily ever after, and that’s because the story continues.

“Life is not a bed of roses, it doesn’t give to you what you expect, you take what you need from life, you earn it, force it out of its hands, just then will it look like a little like bed of leaves, not yet flowers, more or less roses. “
  -Umoh Etido David

   In every true story, tragedy & moments of joy or peace or both are inevitable, and no matter how terrible,(literally & otherwise) a story is, it is someone’s true story.

“Your sufferings today, is no guarantee that you would enjoy or be satisfied tomorrow; for if your sufferings today has nothing to do with you building your tomorrow, then I suggest you pencil down your survival skills of today, because you sure would need them tomorrow. “
  -Umoh Etido David

°°Downed & Downer

  For over 3 & half decades of his life, 93% failure & 7%success, just enough to get him to his current state. Literally a nobody, with senses entangled in thin air & Mother Earth holding on to what remained of him, pulling in deeper & deeper, leaving no chance to her doubts of gravity; apparently 6 feet was a shallow ground. And you ask to tell about Reality? Well here was his.
Waking up to a grumbling stomach, one whom had food rather too little, barely enough to overfeed a mouse; a Reality which had his riches, happiness and fortunes all tied up to the unbeatable reality of a Unicorn. His Reality you say? The cry of “success at last!” With a thoughts striking emotions after a long run of failure, not lasting his lips for 23 seconds before he realizes the truth in disguise. Live’s an ocean, & he’s a dry spot beneath the rock at the bottom; an existing fiction written by the worse author there is to be; that… he was.

  Ganging curses, downed & downer he went, as Mother Earth wouldn’t loose her grip; downed & downer, for he’s days were long over before he was born.

“A corrected mistake in life makes wisdom, Wisdom makes opportunities, Opportunities properly managed makes success; Success built in consistency makes legend. “
  -Umoh Etido David

Mistake, Wisdom, Opportunities, Success, Legend.

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By… Umoh Etido David



Since I was born, I’ve always heard that salvation is free; well i beg to differ, it is infact the most expensive thing mankind’s ever faced.



“They say nothing good comes easy, and salvation is the best thing to ever happen to man, you dont expect it to be free do you?”
  -Etido david
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If my Mind must survive in this Uncertainty, then my World must have a REVOLUTION.

Its one thing to be ALIVE, and another to be LIVING.

Its one thing to MATTER, and another to HAVE WEIGHT AND OCCUPY SPACE.

Its one thing to be BLIND, and another to have no VISION.

Its one thing to be WATCHFUL, and another to be FOCUSED.

Its one thing to have no HOPE, and another to be HOPELESS.

Its one thing to have no LOVE for someone, and another to HATE someone.

Its one thing to FOLLOW CHRIST, and another to FOLLOW HIS FOOTSTEPS.

Its one thing to worship NO GOD at all, and another to be an UNBELIVER.

Its one thing to be WEALTHY, and another to be LIVING LARGE.

Its one thing to be FREE, and another to have FREEDOM.

Its one thing to DIE, and another to STOP EXISTING.

Its one thing to be a GRADUATE, and another to be EDUCATED.

Its one thing to be LIFELESS, and another to be DEAD.

Its one thing to CARRY A BURDEN, and another to HAVE A HEAVY HEAD.

Life comes in diverse packages, all we need do is seek and you shall find that which suits your being.
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