Going through my things, in one of my many misplaced notes i found this, and like lifes best moment that night, the 6th day of june 2010 flashed through my memory; i dont knw how i wrote it, but this is what i found in its exact words.

Tonight being the sixth day of june 2010, I Etido David has given my Life to Christ Jesus and never to turn back to my old life style, i promise to follow God with all my life, in truth and spirit, to do his work, win souls for Him and all glory be given unto him.

I have always dreamt of having powers in the tongue, that is being annointed with the holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

The powers in the tongue, when baptised in the Holy Spirit is very powerful; powerful in the sense that no other power, not even that of lucifer the devil is up to the power of the tongue. That is to say, WITH THE POWER IN THE TONGUE I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

I have come to realize that the devil is a very big cheat and has being depriving me of my rightful possesion as a christian.

I just dont wanna be a church goer, i want to Testify the Goodness of God in my life to everybody within my reach, i want that light in me to shine out and reflect in the minds of men that they will know that of a truth God Liveth.

……………. AS A CHILD OF GOD …………….

1. As a child of God, you gain this favour of never lack, but rather bountiful, so that you can give out to those in need.

2. As a child of God, you should be spirit filled and unique amogst others.

3. As a child of God, your difference must be clear. Where ever you find yourself. You should be able to pull out whom God realy is and what he does.

4. As a child of God, you should be empowered, carrying the gene of the Father which is God Almighty; having his ability, to posses what God posseses; like living a life without sin, healing those who need such, giving alms to people, helping to sort out problems when there is a dispute and living like Christ and taking Him as our Brother and Father who died for sins that we might be safe.

5. As a child of God, you should affect someones life, so that soul may have rest and feel comfortable at any point in time.

6. As a child of God, you should be carrying the Trinity in the Heavenly realm, that is carrying the gene of God the Father, finding Joy in our hearts with our Saviour God the Son and also make a dwelling place in our life where God the Holy Spirit can stay and control our life; and we will never think of the worldly things but Heavenly ones, and Heaven alone shall we dwell in eternity.

7. As a child of God, there would be temptations, but no temptation is irresistable after all Jesus never gave into any of the temptation by the devil. I BELIEVE I CAN MAKE IT.

All this have i learnt from the Bible, as i comply may God Almighty see me through.

Hmm…. That was almost 4 years ago, it seems like a few days later all those went down south. I hope i get it right before the end, i hope that Convenant retake its form and course.




For my Dear Country, that which i was born to be part of, that which fate has bestowed upon me, that which i must call home, i but hope…

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where ethnicity and religion will be no barrier to socializing.

I in fact HOPE for a NIGERIA where we’d do away with the title Islam and Christianity, embrace Love and Worship God; for the worse thing that has happened to NIGERIA is religion.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where the 1st, 2nd & 3rd agenda of the government in power will be EDUCATION, EDUCATION & EDUCATION, for it is the Bedrock of any nation.

HOPE for a NIGERIA where we will have Leaders that has the welfare of its followers at heart, & not Rulers that pretend to care.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where an Elected person after an election, will speak to his/her people from the heart, & not from an already prepared script like a Broadcaster.

I Hope for a NIGERIA where godfatherism will hold no water, & people will be selected base on merit.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where figures in all sector will be classified in NAIRA based on our Currency & not Dollars; its really annoying, personally it pisses me off all the time.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where by Persons guilty of Corruption, irrespective of their status, will in less than 1week Investigated, tried in a Court of law & by an Uninfluenced Judgement, if found guilty Sent to Jail for a really long time.

I Hope for a NIGERIA where Power supply will be constant, where the youths get creative and unemployment reduced to the barest minimum.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where our Resources will be properly Utilized & and its Outcome used in Developing our country & her Citizens.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where Democracy rules & not disguised plutocracy.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where her Citizens would see things the way it is & Tackle it in diverse method but in Unity.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA Bonded in Love, Peace & Unity. One that would Uphold Her Honour & Glory far above all other Nations! Far above the Birds of the Sky!! Far to the very floor of Gods feet.

I but HOPE for a Better NIGERIA, I but HOPE for that GIANT that’s Worth its Name,

I but HOPE for a Brighter, Better & Blossom Nigeria.

I but Hope…

… I but HOPE. God Bless My Father Land, GOD BLESS NIGERIA!