For my Dear Country, that which i was born to be part of, that which fate has bestowed upon me, that which i must call home, i but hope…

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where ethnicity and religion will be no barrier to socializing.

I in fact HOPE for a NIGERIA where we’d do away with the title Islam and Christianity, embrace Love and Worship God; for the worse thing that has happened to NIGERIA is religion.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where the 1st, 2nd & 3rd agenda of the government in power will be EDUCATION, EDUCATION & EDUCATION, for it is the Bedrock of any nation.

HOPE for a NIGERIA where we will have Leaders that has the welfare of its followers at heart, & not Rulers that pretend to care.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where an Elected person after an election, will speak to his/her people from the heart, & not from an already prepared script like a Broadcaster.

I Hope for a NIGERIA where godfatherism will hold no water, & people will be selected base on merit.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where figures in all sector will be classified in NAIRA based on our Currency & not Dollars; its really annoying, personally it pisses me off all the time.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where by Persons guilty of Corruption, irrespective of their status, will in less than 1week Investigated, tried in a Court of law & by an Uninfluenced Judgement, if found guilty Sent to Jail for a really long time.

I Hope for a NIGERIA where Power supply will be constant, where the youths get creative and unemployment reduced to the barest minimum.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where our Resources will be properly Utilized & and its Outcome used in Developing our country & her Citizens.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where Democracy rules & not disguised plutocracy.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA where her Citizens would see things the way it is & Tackle it in diverse method but in Unity.

I HOPE for a NIGERIA Bonded in Love, Peace & Unity. One that would Uphold Her Honour & Glory far above all other Nations! Far above the Birds of the Sky!! Far to the very floor of Gods feet.

I but HOPE for a Better NIGERIA, I but HOPE for that GIANT that’s Worth its Name,

I but HOPE for a Brighter, Better & Blossom Nigeria.

I but Hope…

… I but HOPE. God Bless My Father Land, GOD BLESS NIGERIA!